The time just flies in your classes. The dance you do is smooth and magical like gentle sea waves which is nice to look at but impossible to reach. Thanks for your lessons and making the impossible possible for me. - Asta (2013)

My experience of Zubaidah's class is one of relaxation and enjoyment. This tutor is friendly and very patient which encourages one to open up during the class. I would recommend this class to anyone who is considering bellydancing. - CG

Zubaidah is a wonderful Belly Dancing teacher, very patient and friendly. I have always enjoyed her class, and I should say after nearly a year attending her class regularly, I am now confident to do my belly dance moves when I go to a party with my friends. I always get compliments for the moves that I've learned and this includes the Shimmy, African Circle, Camel etc. The credit goes to Zubaidah, of course. I would recommend her teaching to anyone without hesitation because when you come out of her class you feel like a real Belly Dancer. - Naz Eastham

Zubadiah is an excellent and very patient teacher. Her classes are very exciting and always packed. I had the great privilege of dancing with her and fellow dance class students to perform a belly dancing routine at a prestigious dance venue. Zubadiah was very gracious with her time to stay after class to help us practice the dance piece. I love her style of teaching, she makes it fun and elegant for beginners as well as more advanced dance students. I always look forward to her classes. - Jennifer East Ham